Production equipment

High quality product relays on advanced manufacturing technique. Consciousness for the best relays on constant innovation.

Sunrise has high precision machining centers and CNC lathes, advanced equipment and inspection instruments, exquisite workmanship and strict quality control system. What’s more important, a technical team of rich experience and in-depth expertise to take full advantage of new technique, workmanship and material to ensure the product of great stability and reliability.

Production equipment

Advanced equipment

The scale of modern manufacturing, combined with superb technology. With first-class production equipment to produce first-class pipe products, with the latest automatic control equipment, we ensure that our quality of manufactured products. High-performance equipment, from advanced production power, the advanced productive forces from the world’s leading pipe production equipment.

Advanced equipment

TESTING Equipment

Origin Type Name
Shanghai FD-TP40 Thermal graphics printer
Nanjing NJS-1A Intelligent high-speed analyzer
Nanjing NJS-3D Carbon and sulfur automatic analyzer
Nanjing NJD-80 Arc furnace
Shanghai FA1004 Electronic balance
Shanghai HC-TP11-5 Balance
Shanghai Q-2 Metallographic cutting machine
Ji’nan L71-UV Impact notch broaching machine
Ji’nan JB-300B Charpy impact test machine
Chongqing XJP-6A Metallographic microscope
Ji’nan WEW-6000 Computer screen hydraulic universal testing machine
Shanghai P-2 Metallographic specimen polishing machine
Ji’nan HB-3000B-2 Brinell hardness tester
Ji’nan HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester
Ji’nan CST-50 Impact notch projector
Shanghai M-2 Metallographic sample preparation grinder
Wuxi MY-230 Spectral analysis sample grinder
Wuxi HGP-7500 Direct-reading spectrometer
Ji’nan DWC-100 Cryostat for impact test

TESTING Equipment.

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